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Residential and commercial Property

Shaheen Tower 505

The Tower is located at the central area of Abu Dhabi downtown.  Easy access to shopping malls, public parks and beaches, schools, restaurants and other entertainment facilities available. A great network of public transport links is nearby as well

Residential and commercial Property

Shaheen Tower 501

This tower is known for its location as it is situated in one of the busiest areas in the capital, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi and no other areas could get as lively as this does. Besides various retail shops and offices, the street is dotted by residential buildings offering a range of activities to keep one engaged

Residential Property

Shaheen 503

This villa compound is located at a waterfront area in Rabdan, which is a suburb in Abu Dhabi. Rabdan is situated east of Bain al Jisrain (Between the Bridges), and north of Abu Dhabi Gate and is a perfect spot for families who love to live out of the jam packed city but not so far away from the centre as well.

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